Getting Started

The following videos will show you how to log your Trip and Catch data using the new Angler Action web portal.

Video demonstration of the new web portal

Video demonstration of Logging Trips

Angler Action Portal on Mobile Devices

Welcome to the Angler Action Program.  Logging and recording your trip and catch information not only builds valuable data for recreational fisheries, but also functions as a record of your own fishing activity.   The program is designed to allow you to input as much data as you desire.  The record is yours and may be reviewed and downloaded at any time. Trip record questions were determined by collaboration between anglers and research partners.  The data gathered is designed to build a better understanding of fish populations.

If you have not done so yet, Register as a new user to setup your username and password. You may return and reset this information at any time. Once logged in, your first step will be to “Add a new trip,” (select top, left, from homepage).

Once logged in, your first step will be to “Add a new trip,” (click on DASHBOARD TAB above for a view of how this looks on your homepage)

When you Add a New Trip, Information will be collected in four screens

  • Trip
  • Locale
  • Catch
  • Lengths +

You can Preview these screens by clicking through the TABS above. Since you can return and reset or delete this information, feel free to experiment with your entries on your live site.


The Dashboard on Home page allows you to Manage Trips, View locations, Generate reports. To get started click on "Add New Trip"


Information about the trip; type of fishing, number of anglers, amount of time spent, state and county.


Information about where you fish, depth, bottom type and general map location  is not only of value to you, but aids research programs in identifying important fish habitat and distribution.  This data is extremely important for stock assessment of some species, especially Snapper and Grouper.   After entering a location and naming it, you only need to begin entering the name and it will autofill.  A personal map of your locations is provided for your use and linking to your trips.



Select a Fish Group and Species Name from the drop down.  For instance select Snook, then Common Snook from the menu. Enter the catch and release data for each species.  For species with slot or size limits enter the number in each category, Under Slot, Slot and Over Slot.  

When you do not catch any fish in your targeted species enter “0” in number caught.  This is critical for understanding total fishing effort. Fish do not have to be boated to count, a leader touch is all that is required.


Recording length is very helpful to researchers when trying to understand whole fish populations.

Space is provided to enter the length of each fish counted in the Catch screen.  You may leave these spaces blank or just add selected lengths. Note that there is a separate tab for KEPT fish (the default tab is for RELEASED fish).  You may also enter weight to tenths of a pound, condition at time of release and where was the fish hooked.


You are welcome to upload trip photos by clicking on the blue icon beside any catch record in the trip summary. You can also manage your photos from your home page.


You can use the FB and Twitter functions of the website to share photos and trip summaries.

After you have added a few trips, check these other functions on your home page: View/Edit Trips, My Locations, Manage Pictures, View Reports.

Data Uses

Angler Action data was used in the 2011 Snook Stock Assessment by FWC, and has been requested for inclusion in other stock assessments and research studies. By participating in the Angler Action program you are providing facts that improve understanding of fish populations and their best management.


The Angler Action program is a service project of the Angler Action Foundation and is the result of thousands of hours of volunteer support, including those donated by research partners at Florida Wildlife Research Institute and University of Florida. The 2012 Angler Action tool upgrades have been made possible by a grant from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and other private donations. If you would like to get involved, please contact, or call (561)-707-8923.

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