Trip on 1/18/22

United Kingdom
0 Hrs 0 Mins
Saltwater Fishing
1 Anglers
Gulf Red Snapper
From Kayak/Canoe/Paddle Craft
From Kayak/Canoe/Paddle Craft
Target Species Alligator

Summary of "Trip on 1/18/22"
There are no Fishing Locations added yet

Trip related Charts


Hooked At

0 Eyes
0 Jaw
0 Throat
0 Gill
0 Body
0 Gut
Release Condition
0Swam Away Straight/Fast
0Swam Away Slowly, Lost Balance
0Eaten by Predator at release
0Eaten by Predator during retrieve
0Released with Decompression Device (Descending)
0Released after Venting
0Used re-compression Device

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